You can perform refunds on payments received in Captyn. You have the ability to perform a full refund, a partial refund, and even process a cancellation with a refund. 
Of Note: A refund does not mean the registration is cancelled. A charge can be refunded while the registration remains in place (e.g. Customer Service scenarios where money needs to go back to the registrant).

Performing a Refund

To begin the process of a refund, head to the Account level of the registration you wish to refund. 

Find the specific invoice that needs to be refunded, and click into it. You may need to click All invoices to find the one you are looking for.

Click into the specific invoice to refund, and follow the prompts to initiate the refund there.

Lastly, set the desired amount for refund. You do not have to refund the entire amount if you do not choose.

Performing a Cancellation With a Refund

If you start the process with a Cancellation, you are then prompted to perform a refund in the flow as the payment is directly connected to the registration. You will do this from the particular Program. In the list of Registrations, find the person to cancel and refund. Click on the three dots icon to the right of their name, and choose Cancel Enrollment. 

Choose to cancel immediately or schedule the cancellation. You can even choose to add on a one-time charge in this process if necessary.

You can then choose to issue the refund in the same flow. You can choose a full refund of the associated invoice (default), or you can edit the amount to give a partial refund.

Here is a quick video that shows this process:

Refunding Moved Registrations

The following scenario uses two fictional Programs to illustrate the process - Program A and Program B

You may have a scenario where a Participant registered for a Program (Program A), but had to move to a different one (Program B). Then, after that movement, a cancellation and refund might need to take place. If you try to process the refund from the Program the Participant was moved to (Program B), it will not be successful.

Moved registrations are attached to the original registration (Program A). This means that the invoices are also still on that same original registration.

You can cancel the registration on the most current Program (Program B) without issue; however, to refund, this must be done from the initial Program's invoice (Program A).

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