Use the Create An Account option to create new Accounts in your Captyn account for the following purposes:

  • Customer
  • Staff
  • Administrator

Your Customers have the ability to create their own Accounts upon registration for a. You also have the ability as an Administrator do create an Account. The process to create a new Account is the same for each type, but the functions do vary. Read on to learn more about each Account type that can be created.

Creating the Account

To get started, log into Captyn, or click on the Menu icon in the upper left-hand corner of Captyn and select Home. Click Add New Account

You can also create a new account from the People page by first selecting the Accounts tab then clicking Actions > Create New Account.

On the next page, fill out the basic details requested: First Name, Last Name, Email.

Lastly, you will set the Permission level of the new Account being created. Read on for further descriptions of each level.


Create a Customer Account type for all of customer users who serve as Account Owners and can be above one or more Participant level records. Customer Account types can only access and manager their own account.


Staff Account types have more functionality available than Customer Account types. Staff Account types by default can access their own customer accounts, view the daily schedule and rosters, and view, claim or be assigned private lessons and personal training sessions. 

You can also set additional restrictions on a Staff Account type like assigning staff on the daily roster, cancelling daily activity, and the management of the daily roster without affecting billing.


Administrator Account type users are most likely what you, the person reading this, are. Administrator Account types will have access to their own customer account; full staff account access; the ability to add new Accounts; view and edit the accounts and billing information; add, cancel, and manage registrations and enrollments; and the ability to access registration offering settings and stats.

Administrator Account types can also manage organization settings, export data, manage permissions on any account, and manage department assignments.

Administrator Account types can also play a role in the Captyn Onboarding flow. Select an option for a particular Administrator Account type to review and manage; including, Organization Settings as well as Registration Offering Settings.

Editing An Existing Account Type

You can edit an existing account and change the permission level. You may want to do this if you had a former coach or instructor who is no longer working for you, but still needs access to a Captyn account for past or future registrations.

To edit an existing Account's Type, search for the account and head to their Account overview and click the email of the Contact you wish to edit. Next, you can click Manage and then choose Manage Permissions easily change the Account Type.

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