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Use the Pending registrations & requests and Waitlisted registrations functions to manage your Programs. You can easily find these lists from the top of your Home screen. Pending registrations & requests serve as action-oriented reminders and are available in the long button with the blue icon (if any are present) as well as in the top right-hand corner next to the magnifying glass icon. Waitlisted registrations appear in the long button with the black icon (if any are present).

Pending Registrations & Requests

The Pending registrations & requests screen is used to display a list of items that are awaiting your action. This list can show a handful of items, including cancellation requests, movement requests, and any registration received for an offering that does not automatically enroll. Additionally, if you have Offerings with a waitlist, you will be notified on this screen when a spot becomes available in your Offering.

Upon clicking Continue you will be taken to a screen outlining all Pending requests. You can use the magnifying glass to search for Pending requests, sort based on time received, and even add additional filters using the filter icon to narrow down for many things like Dates, Location, and Ages.

Easily Approve, Move, or Decline any Pending registration. Examples of each of these are shown below in the "Waitlisted" section of this article.

You will also see any Offerings with Waitlists and spots available on this page. If you show the list of those enrolled, you will also see those on the waitlist. Click the yellow Manage Waitlist button to move individuals into the Offering

You can also manage any Add-ons that were purchased in the Registration flow. These Participants have paid for these items, so you can click the yellow Mark as Fulfilled once these items have been distributed.

If the Participant would like to get a refund for the item, click on the three dots on the right-hand side of the Add-on line item on this page, and select Refund & Delete.

Waitlisted Registrations

You can allow for Waitlists to be created and maintained on all of your Offerings. This is a great way to keep the interest level high for your Offerings. In your settings for each Offering, you can choose how many are enrolled, whether they are automatically enrolled, and then whether or not to Maintain a Waitlist. You can even allow for auto-approval for your waitlists. 

Be sure in your Offerings settings to configure the toggle to Maintain a Waitlist if you want to use this feature.

Once you have new registrations that are on your Waitlist, you will see an indication on your Home screen.

Clicking into that link will show you your Waitlisted registrations. These will include all pertinent information like Health data, info requests (if selected) and Offering information. You can easily Approve, Move, or Decline a registration.

Click the three dots on the right-hand side of the registration to display some additional options. 

If you choose to Approve the Registration, you will be taken to a confirmation page.

Here, you can confirm the details and complete the Registration, collecting the fee (if applicable) from the payment method on file, or add a new payment method in this flow. You can also add additional Charges or Credits at this time.

Click Complete Enrollment to finalize the Registration.

You can also choose to Move the enrollment from one Offering to another one.

Additionally, you can choose to Decline the registration.

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