Financial Reports


Use Financial Reports to easily create a list of transactions and registrations received. This can help with Stripe settlements for credit card transactions, as well as a way to see all transactions (including offline ones: cash and check).

Accessing the Page

To get to Financial Reports, use the menu stack in the top left-hand corner of you Captyn account. Choose Settings & Reports.

This will take you to the overall Settings & Reports page. Scroll to the bottom and choose Financial Reports.

Creating Batch Payout Reports

You have two options for creating exports and spreadsheets of data. First, you can use the Batch Payout tab (preselected). These Batch Payouts correlate directly with the deposits made by Stripe into your bank account. For each line item, you can get an Itemized Invoice Report or a Transaction Report.

Of Note: If the Stripe account that is connected to your Captyn account is also used in other places (e.g. a storefront or mobile payment collection device), you will see any and all Batch Payouts linked to your Stripe account on this screen in Captyn. This means that you may attempt to run a Report, and it might say there is nothing to export, even if you see a dollar amount. This is because the Batch Payout report is seeing your entire connected Stripe account to find payout amounts, and the report generation in Captyn finds only the associated Captyn payments. 

Creating Custom Reports

You can also use the Financial Reports page to create Custom Reports. Select this tab and choose a few settings like the timeframe you wish to look at (Transaction Dates), the Department, Billing Category, and Payment Type (Card, Cash, Check). Then click View Summary. You do not have to use any of these pre-set categories if preferred.

You will see a summary of all transactions, and if you wish to created an export of this, you can choose the Export Transaction Report or Export Itemized Invoice Report option(s).

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