Health Questions


Health Questions are important to capture on Registrations. These allow your Registrants to let you know of anything to be aware of during their time with you. During Registration and account creation, these questions will be presented with an option to inform you of their health concerns. 

Health Questions are critical information needed to avoid an emergency. Questions are asked during account creation, regardless of the programs being registered.

Responses are prominently shown to administrators and staff throughout Captyn

Setting Up

To get started, head to Settings & Reports and choose Health Questions in the "Your Customer Info" section.

To get started, you can click on + Add a health question. The questions you add will be displayed on the phone image on the right to give you a feel of what to expect. 

Add a Health Question as well as an Internal Reference. The Health Question will be presented to your Participants, and the Internal Reference will help you and your staff quickly identify the question being answered by the Participant.

Editing Health Questions

You can edit an existing Health Question by tapping the name which will take you back to the above creation screen. You can also choose to Delete Health Question by tapping the "x". Doing this will remove the question and all previously collected answers as well.

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