During checkout, you can present language that must be read and agreed upon prior to completing registration. Examples include things like Illness Waivers, Release of Liability, Weather Policy, Photo Authorization, and more.

Creating Agreements

To create a new Agreement, select Agreements from the "Your Customer Information" section of Settings & Reports.

Here you will see a list of all Agreements you have created. You can use the arrows on the right-hand side to change their order of display, or click on + Add Agreement to add a new one.

Set the Agreement Name, choose whether it is offered by default*, whether it is required to complete Registration (choose Require Scroll & Read for this), and then enter in the Agreement Text.

* Of Note: If you choose the Enabled By Default for Program setting, this will not affect existing Programs, but it will impact new ones that are created. To make this Agreement applied to all classes by default, select the "Make this a global agreement" option.

You can edit any existing Agreement by clicking on it from the list.

Activating Agreements

To set an Agreement on a particular class, you can either have the agreement be Global, or you can set it on the specific class(es) you wish it to be a part of. To edit this, head to the Program's settings, and choose the Agreements & Waivers tab. Check the options you wish to display on the particular one.

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