Merging Duplicate Records


Use Captyn to clean up your contact lists by merging together duplicate accounts. You may have these created by duplicate registrations or an import of data. Captyn can help you easily keep your list clean.

Merging Records

You can merge a duplicate account by first heading to the profile you wish to merge into another one. From the Profile tab (Default view), scroll to the bottom and click on the option to Merge {account_name} Records

You will be presented with a box to enter in a name (full or partial) to move the contact you are presently on into.

Follow the steps to process the merge, and you are all set.

Handling Customer Registrations With a Merge

When you perform a merge, if the contact that is being merged from one record into a new one has active registrations, those registrations will be moved to a "Closed" status. If you wish to keep these contacts as "Enrolled" registrants, you will need to visit the Program they were registered for and locate this contact in the list of Registrations. Their registration will show "Closed" next to it.

To get this contact back into your list of Enrolled registrations, click the checkbox by their name and then Actions from the upper right-hand corner. Choose Re-enroll Selected.

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