The Today (Roster) Page


Use the Today page in Captyn to manage each day's classes, check-ins, roster activity, and more. View a list of those enrolled, find all related details like Account owners, other registrations, evaluations, and more. Seamlessly edit a class or message your participants. Also use this page to get a weekly or monthly calendar view for your upcoming classes.

The Roster Page

Begin from your Home screen by clicking on the Today link. This will take you to your Roster page.

Here, you will see a list of all available options for today. You can use the navigation to go forwards or backwards one day at a time, or click on the date ("Fri, May 6") to choose a date to jump to.

Use the built-in filters to easily navigate to your classes. These filters are especially helpful if you have a day full of classes. Filter on things like the Time the program meets, the Assigned Staff (Employee), Location, Program Name, Tag, and even hide classes with nobody enrolled.

You can also Bulk Cancel and notify all of your day's classes by clicking on the cog wheel in the upper right-hand part of your Captyn window.

When you bulk cancel, you have the option to text and/or email, add a personal message, and send to your participants.

You can also choose to Bulk message all times. When choosing this, the flow will be just like creating a message from a Programming page list of offerings you have.

Managing Rosters

You can tap on a particular Program to show the list of those enrolled.

Tap on a check mark to indicate that a participant has attended. This is a very quick process to get an idea of who has come to your particular Program.

*Of Note: This view shown is when Check In is not enabled on your class.

Here is what it looks like if you have Check In enabled for your Program.

Managing Participants

You have multiple options to manage participants whether checked in (marked at Attended) or not. Simply tap on a name and expand the block to the right. You have several options here:

  • Add an internal note
  • Remove the participant from today's class
  • See and link to the Account Owner
  • Easily message the Account Owner
  • Perform a new evaluation
  • Add a One-time Charge or Credit to the Account
  • View a list of other Registrations (Open and Closed) the participant is and has been enrolled in

Editing Class Details

You can easily edit the Class details from this view as well. Begin by clicking on the cog wheel to the right of the class name. You can perform tasks here such as:

  • Send bulk communications to all enrolled Accounts
  • Cancel today's class
  • Add a drop-in participant
  • Assign staff
  • Add an internal or class note
  • Edit today's class details and send a notice to all enrolled Accounts
  • Edit the overall Offering (Class) settings

Using the Calendar Views

You can take a look at your upcoming classes using Week and Month views.

The Week view will show you the particular week you wish to view. Easily click on a particular day to view the classes scheduled on that day. You can navigate to different weeks using the dropdown at the top of the page or the links just above the week you are viewing.

The Month view will show you an entire month at a time. Easily click on a particular day to view the classes scheduled on that day. You can navigate to different weeks using the dropdown at the top of the page or the links just above the month you are viewing.

Watch this GIF to see how the calendar views work on your screen.

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