Move A Registration


Registration movements are an easy way to get a participant into the right class without forcing another registration. Performing a move is a very simple process that can be done in a few taps or clicks. 

Where To Perform The Move

To begin the process, find a Participant's Enrollment you wish to move. Once you have located it, click on the Move icon. You will then have an option to choose a class from your list of active Programs.

Here, we see it from the list of Enrollments from a Participant's profile.

You can also move an enrollment from a class listing, showing all active registrations by using the ellipses next to a participant's name.

Lastly, you can perform a Move from the Today screen. This is a great way to move someone from one class to another when right in the moment.

Of note: If you perform a move before the class ends, the participant will be dropped from that particular day's class time. If you perform the move after the day's class ends, the participant will remain on that current day, but will be removed from all future instances.

How to Perform A Move

Once you have selected "Move Enrollment", you will be presented with options to move the class. This example shows the process on a desktop machine. If you do this on a mobile device, the blocks will be stacked on top of each other, but the function will be the same.

You will have options to either Enroll the Participant now, or add them to the Waitlist if the waitlist if the class is full. In the event the class is full, if there is a cancellation that is pending, you will see when the spot will open up. It will look like this:

There are helpful filters at the top of the page that give you the option to easily narrow down your search results.

Once you have selected a class, you can choose to "Move to waitlist" or "Enroll now" to complete the Move. If you are choosing to add a Participant to a Waitlist and that class has a spot opening soon, the date will be shown to you. This will be helpful when contacting a family about a potential spot opening, letting them know that the spot will be open on a particular date.

You will confirm your choice after choosing your option. Click "Complete Move" to finalize your choice.

Regardless of where you begin the process, the flow of completing the move will be the same.

Here is how the process appears on mobile.

The new registrations will be available on the Participant's profile under their list of Registrations.

Here it is in action.

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