Using Coupons


Use coupons as a way to give your registrants a way to signup with a discount or promotion, or to help when initially moving your customer base into Captyn.

Creating a Coupon

Coupons can be created by clicking on the menu stack from the upper left-hand corner, choosing Settings & Reports and then Coupons in the "Customer Checkout Options" section.

Once on the Coupons page, you will see all existing coupons, as well as the option to create a new one by clicking + New

Next, begin to create your coupon. You will complete the following fields:

  • Coupon Name - This is for public viewing use. Use this to easily find the specific coupon as an Admin, as well as for display on receipts and invoices
  • Coupon Code - This is the code that will be entered at checkout by your registrants for redemption
  • Dollar or Percent - Set the coupon up as a Dollar discount or a Percent discount. Use "Percent" if you wish to have a coupon that covers the registration cost completely (100%) or a preset percentage (e.g. 50%) that might vary based on the price of the Program
  • Amount - Set the amount of the coupon, whether in dollar amount or percent amount

  • Overall Redemptions - Choose whether or not to limit this coupon's usage overall (the amount of times it can be used) or per Account holder.
  • Validity - Set when this coupon is able to be set on a particular offering. It can be right away, at a future time, or you can make it inactive.

Of Note: If you choose to not allow for Unlimited redemptions, you will have options to enter in a numerical value for each selection.

  • Default Enabling - This coupon can be automatically applied to any new offering by default. This will not apply to previously created offerings.
  • Global Coupon - Set your coupon as a "Global Coupon", which means that your registrants can use this coupon on any Program's registration. If this setting is not chosen, the coupon must be configured in the settings of any Program you wish to be able to accept this coupon

Enabling A Coupon For A Program 

You can activate any of your coupons on a per-Program basis. To set this up, head to any Program you wish to to enable any particular Coupon for, and head to Settings. Locate the "Coupons" section. These can also be added during a new program creation.

All Global coupons will be available across all Programs by default.

Click on the + Add option to add a coupon to this Program.

 All Global coupons will be available across all Programs by default.

Using a Global Coupon

When creating a Coupon, you have the option to set it as a Global Coupon. This setting is not enabled by default. To enable this setting, slide the toggle on the "Add New Coupon" screen.

Tracking Usage

You can track the usage of your coupons easily. You have the option to export a list of all usage as well by clicking on Actions > Export itemized use.

This will produce a CSV file that shows all coupons used including the Account name, amount of coupon, full transaction amount, class or program name, as well as a link to the registration.

Things To Keep In Mind

+ Coupons can be stacked. This is managed by clicking on the Settings tab when viewing your Coupons.

This means that a registrant could add multiple coupons to a checkout if you have multiple applied coupons, or your Program supports multiple coupons. Keep in mind that coupons must still be applied to individual Programs to be active (unless marked as Global).

Managing Coupons on Registrations

Once a registration comes in, and let's say a customer uses two coupons, you can actually manage the future invoices for that registration (and even catch it before it has its initial bill run). You can choose to maintain or remove coupons that have been applied to a registration.

To do this, find a registration that has multiple coupons added. Then, you can click on the ellipses and choose "Enrollment details".

Then, on the Enrollment details page, click on the ellipses again on that page, and choose "Manage Monthly Coupons". Here, you can choose which one(s) to have on the upcoming invoices.

Here it is in action:

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