Use Add-ons to present additional items to be purchased by your Participants upon registration. Examples of these can be things like goggles, swim caps, merchandise, one-time donations, or simply a way to support general programming.

Locating Add-ons

To find and create Add-ons, click on the menu stack in the upper left-hand corner of your Captyn account and choose Settings & Reports.

From the Settings & Reports page, select Add-ons in the "Customer Checkout Options" section.

Here, you will see a list of all existing Add-ons as well as the option to + New more. 

Creating a New Add-on

To create a new Add-on, click the  + Add add-on button. Set a title for the Add-on, set a Description for it, and even upload an Image for this item (great for selling gear like googles, caps, sweatshirts, and more). 

Continuing on in the setup... 

  • You have the option to provide options for this Add-on. These are perfect if wanting to sell an item like a shirt with varying sizes or colors
  • Set the price for the Add-on.
  • Enable it by default on all newly created offerings (after the Add-on is created).
  • Make it global, which will apply it to any and all offerings you have.
  • Assign a Billing Category for financial tracking.

Editing an Add-on

To edit an existing Add-on, click on any of the options from the Add-ons page. You can change the Name, Description, and Price. Be sure to click Save when finished editing. You can also choose to Delete an add-on by clicking the ellipses and choosing "Delete add-on".

You can also change the order these are presented to your customers by clicking on the small grey arrow pointing up to the left of the name of the Add-ons.

Public View

Putting an Add-on into a registration is very easy for your Participants. Once they choose their Programs, assign the Participant, and link the Account, they will be presented with any Add-ons. Items will be added by first clicking the + icon next to the appropriate option, and then selecting Add to Cart.

These Add-ons will be confirmed on the Review & Checkout screen.

Exporting Usage

You have two places to export the itemized usage of your Add-ons, in addition to your transaction reporting found in Financial Reports.

First, you can export a list of all Add-on usage. From the Add-ons page, click on Actions and choose the "Export itemized use" option.

Additionally, you can export it on a per Add-on basis by clicking on the ellipses on the row of the particular Add-on. Click and choose "Export itemized use".

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