Use Discounts to automatically apply a dollar amount or percentage value off of the price of registrations in a Participant's cart. These discounts come into effect when multiple participants (e.g. siblings) or multiple registrations are collected in a single checkout experience.

Of Note: If you have high demand, there may be little reason to discount your programming. Trust the value of your services, and consider doing a cost/benefit analysis on discounting and find the perfect balance.

Finding the Discounts Page

To get started, use the menu icon in the upper left-hand corner of Captyn, and choose Settings & Reports.

Next, select Discounts from the list of Registration Offering Settings.

Creating a Discount

On the Discounts page, you will see a list of all existing ones if created, as well as an option to Create a discount. You can alternately use the + New option in the top right corner. This will be the way to create a new Discount once you have one or more made.

The creation of a new Discount is simple. 

  • Choose what you would like to discount.
    • Multi-Registration - applies when a single participant is in more than one eligible offering.
    • Multi-Participant - applies when there are multiple participants in the same account that are enrolled in eligible offerings

  • Set the amount of eligible registrations/participants that must be included on the same checkout in order to get this discount.
  • Choose if the Discount is Dollar or Percent based. We recommend percentage discounts, especially if prorating your offerings.
  • Set the value of the Discount. It is important to remember that at the time of checkout, a customer’s cart must include all eligible registrations to receive a discount. There is no retroactive discount for prior registrations; however, the discount will apply to all future recurring invoices.
    • Of Note: If you wish to provide a discount for the "2nd participant" (for example), be sure to consider the entire cart when creating the discount. There is no logical way to discount the "first" registration. So instead, think about the discount you want to provide, and then how many participants will create that discount.

      For example:

      You want a $20 discount off the second registration amount when the second participant is registered. In this case, take the dollar amount you want and divide it by the number of enrollees, and that will be the dollar figure you enter when creating the discount. In this example, you will create a multi-participant discount for 2 participants and the dollar off amount will be $10, which will apply to each registration on the invoice. This will make it so there is a $20 discount on the invoice total when 2 participants are enrolled.

      Thinking on it further, if you want a $20 discount when there are three enrolled (so assuming participant 1 and 2 pay full price, but 3 gets the discount), you would take $20 / 3. The discount structure here would a multi participant discount for 3 participants and the dollar off amount will be $6.67.

  • Captyn will provide a preview of what the discount will be based on what you set here. Watch the GIF below for an example.

  • Choose if you want to enable this discount by default. If you plan to have this discount for all of your class offerings, it is recommended to turn this on (new only).
  • You can also choose to make this global, which will enable it for all of your classes (new and existing).

Managing Existing Discounts

Once you have Discounts created, you will see them on a list on the Discounts page. We will display the amount of the discount, whether it is for Registrations or Participants, how many times it has been used, as well as a preview of how the discount works. 

More examples of Discounts using dollar amounts.

At any point in time, you can use the Actions menu to Export itemized use of these Discounts.

You can also edit any Discount using the ellipses found on the unique line of the Discount.

You can Delete any Discount you have. Deleting a Discount does not refund any of your customers.

Editing Discount Application

You may need to update your offerings to apply/not apply a discount. The good news is that even if an invoice has been generated for an upcoming month's bill run, you can update your Discounts and have them take immediate effect on your invoices. This means that if you have some discounts you did not intend to apply to certain classes (maybe you made your discounts Global), you can edit your settings and see your upcoming invoices update in real time.

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