Organization Settings


Use Organization Settings to configure and view many elements of your account, including:

  • Your Brand information
  • Your Customer Information
  • Your Operations
  • Customer Checkout Options
  • Reports

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Configuring Organization Settings

To get started, click on the menu stack found in the upper left-hand corner of your Captyn account and choose Settings & Reports.

This will be the overview of what you see. All of the Settings you can manage will be arranged and displayed

Here is how it will appear on mobile.

Your Brand

General Settings: This is your organization details and social media links.

Click on the Edit icon to update any of the fields. 

Logo: Upload your organization's logo to customize the experience for your customers.

Brand Color: Your public screens and customer views will be white-labeled to your brand. We will help you look great, starting with your primary brand color.

Terminology: Captyn speaks your language. Navigation links within your app will use your own terminology. Use the drop downs to select your preferred language.

Your Customer Information

Required Fields: These are fields like address, birthdate, emergency contact, and more. All fields are optional unless marked as required in these settings. We recommend only requiring what is necessary.

Health Concerns: This is critical information needed to avoid an emergency. Questions are asked during account creation, regardless of the programs being registered. Responses are prominently shown to administrators and staff throughout Captyn, displayed with a red icon.

Agreements: Add any liability waivers, photo releases, etc.

Info Requests: These are for non-critical information gathering for things like insurance info and t-shirt size.

Your Operations

Locations: Where you do your business. These are the physical addresses where your programming will be held. Zones are sub-locations within an address or facility.

Programs: Categories of things you offer for registration.

Tags: An extra way to filter your offerings, both for you as an Admin and also your public when signing up.

Stripe Connection: Get next-day payouts by connecting your Stripe account to process credit card payments.

Custom Emails: Setup welcome emails, registration receipts, and more.

Public Filtering: Keep registrations simple for your customers. Customers viewing your public subdomain can be presented quick filters to help them navigate to relevant registration opportunities. If you have more than 10 offerings, this will improve your customers’ experience.

Billing Categories: Internally group transactions for your reporting. All transactions are tied to a billing category for financial management.

Customer Checkout Options

Discounts: Auto-apply multi-participant and multi-registration discounts to customers who meet your criteria in the same cart.

Coupons: Add codes for checkout perks. Coupons for customer use can be set for one-time or recurring, and can be limited by time or quantity.

Add-ons: Up-sell basically anything. 

Line Item Fees: For use when you need to add something like sales tax or would like to ask your customers to help alleviate your processing costs.


View all transactions and invoice reports for any date range or payment page.

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