Drop Ins


Drop-in management is a great way to get a new participant added to a class on the fly. It is also a great way to expose a potential new customer to your Programming. This article covers how to add a new participant to a class, as well as how to charge them in the same flow.

Adding a Drop-In 

You can manage a drop-in from the Today screen. You have the option when adding the participant to create a One-time charge as well unless you intend to fully enroll the student. If you choose to do this, that would take place from the particular Program's screen, and you would be able to create a registration from there.

Choose whether or not to notify the Account holder here of this enrollment as well. 

Notice how in the details of the added participant, it shows they are "Not enrolled".

This GIF shows the process of adding a drop-in and charging for that one-time add.

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