Adding a Payment Method To Your Account


It is easy to add a new payment method to Captyn either as a Participant or as an Administrator user on behalf of your participants. Read on to learn how to get setup in just a few easy steps.

Participant - Adding Your Card

You may have received word from the organization you wish to sign up for a Program with needs you to add or update your credit card. In just a few stepsdetailed below, you can get setup in minutes.

To get started, head to your the organizations Captyn URL (e.g. Click the option to Create Your Account.

Enter in the email address you wish to use and click Continue. This will be the email (username) you use to login during future visits.

Create a password (we recommend at least 8 characters with at least one number and one special character) and enter your First Name and Last Name. Click Create Account & Continue.

Fill in a few personal details to complete your Account profile.

Once you have completed these steps, you will be taken to your dashboard. Click the blue menu stack in the upper left-hand corner to expose the full menu.

Choose My Account Profile from the options.

You will be taken to your My Account page. Scroll to the bottom and find the Payment Method section. Click Add Card.

Enter your card details here (name, card number, expiration in the MM/YY format, and CVV code). Click Save.

Once this is done, you will see your card added in the same Payment Method section.

You can also Sign In if you already have an Account. This process will be done if you have registered before and need to update a Payment Method or other Account details. 

You will be directed to your My Account page, and the same steps can be followed to Add CardChange Card, or you can also choose to Remove Card.

Of Note: If you choose to Remove Card, the Account holder has no way to be automatically charged for future registrations.

Administrator - Adding a Card On Behalf of a Participant

You may have a time when you need to add or update a Payment Method on behalf of one of your participants. To do this, use the magnifying glass icon to search your People from any page in your Captyn account.

Clicking the magnifying glass icon will bring this box up on your page. You can use the search bar to easily navigate to an Account to make updates. Click the name of the Account Owner in the dropdown to navigate to their profile.

On the profile, scroll to the bottom section, and find Payment Method.

Here you can choose to Change Card, which requires you to have the full card number, expiration date, and CVV code. You can also choose to Remove Card

Of Note: If you choose to Remove Card, the Account holder has no way to be automatically charged for future registrations.

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