Assigning A Coach To A Program


Coaches and other Assigned Staff are added to a Program (Class, training, etc.) directly. These can be added when you are creating the class initially, or once you go back and edit an existing option. Coaches are Staff Level Accounts in your Captyn account.

Adding A Coach Upon Program Creation

To add a Coach when creating a Program, you will click the Assign Staff option at the bottom of the third step (Class Dates). 

Clicking this will bring up a dialog box allowing you to choose an already-created Instructor (Staff Level Account) in your Captyn account.

Adding To A Class After It Has Been Created

If you have a class that is already created, you can click into it from the Programming page, navigate to Settings, and edit the Class Dates section to add Assigned Staff.

Creating New Instructors

If you don't have any Instructors in your Captyn Account, you can create new Accounts. This process can begin on your Home screen by clicking on Add New Account in the header of the page.

Enter in the details required (First Name, Last Name, Email), click Next: Permissions, and choose the Staff permission level.

You can control the Restrictions you want them to have access to via the checkboxes that appear. Click Save & Send Invite to complete this process.

Once this has been done, you will be able to see these newly created Instructors available when clicking on Assign Staff.

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