Skills are set on the individual programs, and then when an evaluation is completed on a participant, the skills will be presented as options to check.

Creating Skills

Click on the menu stack in the top left-hand corner. Choose Settings & Reports. Next, choose Programs.

Select the program you wish to add a skill for, and click on it to edit.

Choose the option to Add Skill.

Adding Skills To Participants

Once you have Skills set for the particular program, head to the Today page and find a class that has these skills. Find a participant to do an evaluation for.

Tap on a participant's name and choose the + New option in the Evaluations section on the right-hand side of the screen that appears after selecting a name.
Screen-Shot-2022-06-15-at-3-23-11-PM.pngHere you will complete the evaluation for the student, and in doing so, if you have Skills listed on the Program being evaluated, you will be able to select those skills as being completed.
Screen-Shot-2022-06-15-at-3-24-43-PM.pngThen, when you visit the participant's profile, you can choose Evaluations along the top of the profile, and you can see these skills listed in the notes of the Evaluation.

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